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a) The reservation request is followed by the verification of the availability of the property and the transmission via e-mail to the applicant, by the link to the "Booking Form" to be completed online.
From that moment, the property remains available for the applicant for 3 days. During this time, the interested party must send to Salento Project S.r.l., together with the completed on-line "Booking Form",
a deposit of 30% of the total reservation fee. Upon receipt of the above, Salento Project S.r.l will send the documents to be signed, which, once signed, must be returned by e-mail no later than seven days after the reservation request. Upon the outcome of such sending, Salento Project Srl will transmit by e-mail, the confirmation of the reservation.

In the absence of even one of the above conditions, the reservation remains ineffective.

b) Upon receipt of the confirmation of the reservation, the Group Leader is required to pay the balance of the total fee no later than 45 days prior to the starting period of reservation, under penalty of termination of the contract and loss of the deposit paid, leaving untouched the request for withdrawal regulated as per 6.2)

c) If the reservation request is made in the 45 (forty-five) days prior to the start date of the period of stay, the entire fee is due immediately and in one single payment immediately after the confirmation of the availability of the property. Together with the fee, the completed and signed documentation must be sent to Salento Project Srl, at the e-mail address info@casinopisanelli.com.

In the absence of even one of the two conditions above, the reservation remains ineffective.

2. INVOICING - invoices will be issued in the name of the Group Leader.


Salento Project S.r.l. shall have the right to withdraw from the relationship at any time due to sudden unavailability of the property or its supervening inoperability. In this case Salento Project S.r.l. will endeavour to find another property of the same type and with the same quality standards. If the guest refuses the alternative offer, he/she will still only be entitled to a refund of the amount paid, with express waiver to any claim for damages.


The Group Leader may withdraw from the agreement under the following conditions by giving written notice to info@casinopisanelli.com:

. before 45 days from the beginning of the booked period, with the right to a full refund of the amount paid.

. from the 44th to the 31st day prior to the start of the booked period, with the right to a refund of 40% of the entire expected amount and paid.

. from the 30th to the 15th day prior to the start of the booked period, with the right to a refund of 20% of the entire expected amount and paid.

. from the 14th day prior to the beginning of the booked period and until the end of the booked period, withdrawal will not entitle to any refund whatsoever.


The reservation may not be transferred, unless expressly authorized in writing by Salento Project S.r.l.


The reservation fee, which refers only to what is provided for in the agreements made, and all other applicable fees (damage deposit, if applicable
tourist tax, etc.) are expressed in Euro and must be received in the same currency, net of bank and/or currency exchange fees, by bank transfer to
the account in the name of Salento Project S.r.l. - Banca Sella Lecce - Iban IT17J0326880110052491704120

7. In case of PARTIAL BOOKING of the property, with a lower rate than that for the entire property, a lower number of bedrooms will be made available, determined based on the agreement. However, the use of the property remains for exclusive use. For stays less than or exceeding one week, the services and utilities included in the price will be adjusted according to the length of stay.


With the payment of the balance of the reservation, a damage deposit of €2500 is also due from the Group Leader. The damage deposit will be returned after the keys are handed over, within 7 working days thereafter, upon verification of the condition of the property, its furnishings, the absence of damage as well as compliance with any contractual obligations.


Upon handover of the keys, the Group Leader becomes the custodian of the property and undertakes to use it with the diligence of a good family man, assuming responsibility for damage including to property, theft, fire, flooding due to negligence or carelessness in the use of the thing

a) The time of delivery of the keys is scheduled between 16:30 and 19:30 on the day of the beginning of the reservation, unless otherwise agreed; for arrivals after 20:00 hours, the delivery of the keys must be agreed in advance and will incur the charge of a surcharge of € 80. After 24:00 hours, the delivery of the keys is postponed to the next day, unless otherwise agreed; for arrivals after 24:00 hours, the delivery of the keys must be agreed in advance and will incur the charge of a surcharge of € 200.

b) At the end of the reservation, the return of the keys must take place by 09:30 a.m., unless otherwise agreed;

10. Upon delivery of the keys, the Group Leader must sign the "Property Delivery/Return Form," on which any damages noted, unless others, as well as extra charges will be recorded. Such notations will result in deductions from the deposit.

11. The Group Leader agrees to inform each member of his group of all the conditions of the "Terms & Conditions" and hereby authorizes the handover of the property to any of the members of his group named on the "Reservation Form." Each of them is also expressly authorized to sign the documents relating to the delivery of the property and/or the release of the same with full effect for the Group Leader.


During the booked period, the Group Leader agrees that:
a - the number of persons occupying the property will not exceed the maximum number of beds provided; furthermore, the stay is reserved exclusively for the guests indicated in the "Booking Form", no other person is allowed to stay in the property. Substitution and/or addition of persons after the booking confirmation, must be agreed in advance with Salento Project S.r.l. and has an administrative cost of € 35.00 per person.

b - the property is used only and exclusively for tourist use, with express prohibition of the organization of parties, celebrations, or any other form of gathering, unless arrangements have been made, in writing and in advance with Salento Project S.r.l. and the relevant payments (if any) have been settled beforehand.

c - the property, its furnishings, utensils and everything on it are maintained in good condition and everything is left in the same state of order and cleanliness in which it was delivered.

d - any malfunctioning of the facilities (plumbing, electrical, heating, etc.) or damage to property and/or the property is reported promptly to Salento Project S.r.l.

e - is allowed access to the owner and / or his representative at any time and for any justified reason throughout the booked period.

13. The Group Leader is aware that the pool is unattended, and therefore assumes the risk of any damage that may result to himself, his own family members, or his own guests from the use of the pool and in general from the use of the reserved thing.

14. The property and what furnishes and equips it is delivered clean and in perfect order and shall be returned in the same state with the clarification that it is not part of the planned cleaning service, the rearrangement of the kitchen and the washing of dishes, pots etc., as well as the clearing and cleaning of the refrigerator.

15. The Group Leader will be met by the owner and/or representative who will provide all useful information also stated in the "Useful Info and House Rules." 

16. The images and texts published on the Casino Pisanelli website are intended to share the atmosphere, the general standard of the property. It might occur that some aspects, such as for example furniture elements, might be moved or replaced.

17. TRAVEL INSURANCE: the group leader is advised to take out travel insurance appropriate to the needs of the group, ensuring that it covers all activities that will be undertaken including coverage for liability, medical and repatriation expenses, cancellations. If the group travels without adequate insurance coverage, Salento Project S.r.l. will not be responsible for any losses incurred.

18. Commercial Filming/Photography - Commercial and/or editorial filming/photography is not permitted at the property without written permission. For some cases, specific conditions may apply.

19. Tourist Tax - Pursuant to Art. 4 of Legislative Decree No. 23 of March 14, 2011 s.m.d. each Italian municipality may apply to each overnight stay (cost per person per night) a tax, the amount of which, if due, must be paid in cash to the owner or his representative upon arrival.

20. NON-FULLFIELMENT: Salento Project S.r.l. reserves the right to request at any time the immediate release of the property in case of violation of the rules and the conditions of the relationship, without any reimbursement and reserves the right to seek compensation for any damage caused both to the property and to property.

21. The reservation is governed by the signed contract, from this deed and the attached documents, which are an integral part. 

22. For any dispute the Court of Lecce shall have exclusive jurisdiction. 

23. The agreements are valid and effective in the Italian text. The English translation is for information only.

Vd 5/5/2023